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Magica Experiencia is an initiative focused on spreading spiritual knowledge that helps us remember who we are, why we came to earth, and what our destiny is. All of this is aimed at enabling each awakened consciousness to find their own path to joy and abundance.






How did this project come about?

To learn more about Magical Experience, we’ll start by telling you that this project was born as a secret place, where three souls came together to share their knowledge of the hidden. From a very young age, they had been fascinated by the world that lies beyond the physical plane we live in day after day.

Over the years, their studies led them to discover truths that many consider dangerous. That’s why they decided to keep their identity anonymous.

The hidden world is a vast and complex place, full of lies and deceit. But it is also a place of great beauty and power.

The three members of Magical Experience have dedicated their lives to exploring this world. What they have learned, they share with you here.

Samuel Bencomo.

You need to heal in order to give a good concert.

The greatest gift is rendered useless if its bearer is unable to take advantage of it. A divine instrument falls silent when its owner is unwell or enslaved by human miseries. Life is wasted when not fully embraced.

Through numerology and other spiritual sciences, we can identify what is making us unwell, what at times incapacitates us from participating in the orchestra of life, whose masterpiece is abundance. But what good is the diagnosis and guidance if we do not embrace the cure?

Visit our healing section. There you will find knowledge to help heal your being so that you can continue to give your best performance.

The strings of love, peace, and prosperity do not resonate when we make the strings of hatred and misery vibrate. We must learn to choose the piece we are going to play because it will be the one that resonates in the auditorium.

My name is Samuel and I am here to serve you

My role in Magica Experiencia is to help you understand the importance of your role in the orchestra of life, the potential of your instrument, and the opportunities that each of the stages you have stepped on, are stepping on, and will step on throughout your existence.

I believe that misery and stagnation are the result of ignorance, indifference, and lack of harmony. That’s why I dedicate myself to studying, nurturing, sharing, and promoting the knowledge and practices that our ancestors left us to ease our journey through life.

Click the button below if you are interested in learning more about the approach I take to addressing life and my spiritual support work.

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Learn to recruit your energy in the right direction.

Your spiritual energy is limited but sufficient. One reason people fail to improve their lives as if by magic is because they often fail to muster all their strength when taking action. The danger of not knowing how to muster all our strength is that while we are working to bring about a change, we may also be feeding that which has the power to nullify our success.

In the shadows of mystery,
magic awakens and reveals its secrets.

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